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Real Branding of Unreal Subway

There is no subway in Odesa
We’ve gone crazy and decided to build it ourselves pretend like it already exists.
subway train
Duke monument
Odesa subway is not one of the transport means. It’s a meme.
Odesa subway is not one of the transport means. It’s a meme.
The idea of subway development appeared in Odesa in the 1960s. It was even included in the master plan in 1989 but was never constructed: plans collapsed with the USSR in 1991.
Odesa subway is not one of the transport means. It’s a meme.
It is dangerous to build the subway in Odesa because of a catacombs network and limestone foundation: the city centre can fall underground. In the USSR, architects intended to place it below the catacombs.
Odesa subway is not one of the transport means. It’s a meme.
In the late 1990s and early 2000s in Odesa, the government planned to build a monorail, subway, light rail and even a cableway. All that was to solve infrastructure problems.
Odesa subway is not one of the transport means. It’s a meme.
According to the conspiracy theory, there are several secret subway lines in Odesa which are used by the authorities only. For example, the government uses it to carry large amounts of money from marketplaces without paying taxes.
Odesa subway is not one of the transport means. It’s a meme.
Currently, the city council calls the North-South tram line ‘The Odesa Metro’. But all Odesa inhabitants know, how «speedy» this option will be. It looks like a usual tram, not even the rapid one.
Article about Odesa subway
One of Odesa’s problems is the lack of a developed transport network. It is too expensive to build an underground subway in Odesa. But the MCS or light metro can be the right thing. It can vanish giant traffic jams on the way to different parts of Odesa. People will quickly get home / to work in case of a sudden accident on one of the highways.
We are very upset because
there is no subway in Odesa.

Therefore, the SOLAR Digital team has decided to show the city residents how Odesa subway might look like, not in the distant future, but right now.

We skipped all the options with anchors and other traditional Odesa souvenirs. The letter «M» has remained, but we adapted it to Odesa reality.

metro logo
Odesa metro logo
The light metro will allow you to get quickly to the city centre from any place. It’s not what you can do now, eh?
subway cars in Odesa
The MCS, or light metro, is simpler and cheaper to build than the underground subway.
Subway stations, where people come to quickly get home / to work, can look like this. Since the ground metro in Ukraine is a rarity, we travelled around the world spent lots of time searching for ground stations in other cities.
Dubai Dubai
Sydney Sydney
London London
Vancouver Vancouver
Vancouver Vancouver
Odesa Subway Map
We reviewed all options of three maps of Odesa underground. Then we printed a map of the city by ourselves and drew our outline.
Watch hi-res map
Odesa subway map
Odesa subway map
We’ve created the navigation for the Odesa Subway
In our opinion, Odesa Subway stations have to be simple and convenient. And we’ve created the same navigation.
subway logo in Odesa
Download the application and pay with one touch.
And watch your train passing one station after another.
Odesa subway application
And don't forget a monthly ticket for your mom...
Odesa Subway
And don't forget a monthly ticket for your mom...
A modern public brand should be able to communicate with its audience.
We created the Odesa Subway communication. Various media from billboards to social networks post carried the same idea. It was a short phrase «I want the subway in...» with names of city districts. Our goal was to cause certain emotions and make the auditory share with the message.
Modern Odesa as an IT specialist can see it
Odesa subway can change the look of the whole city. It will combine all the missing objects as the symbol of development.
The airport, situated in the further part of the city, can be many times larger than the current «new» one. It may take long-distance flights from all over the world: New York, Sydney, Beijing, etc. It will provide passenger traffic to two regional centres at once, Odesa and Mykolayiv. It will turn the city into an international hub.
Concert Arena
The old Sports Palace cannot provide a decent welcome. Odesa requires new sports, concert and exhibition area. The new arena will allow the city to hold conferences, meetings, rallies, and exhibitions not in the high season but all year round.
Sea Port
Odesa seaport will be able to take 4 cruise liners per day. It is enough to move a cargo terminal out of the city. Thousands of tourists from Europe and Asia will fly to the new airport and go on a cruise on the Black Sea from Odesa.
Railway Station
The new railway station was previously planned to be moved to the distant city part, away from the city centre where it is situated now. So you can expand the number of lines for incoming trains.
Odesa is the city is of heroes unfinished buildings
While working on subway branding, we’ve found an abandoned stadium in one of Odesa districts. In 2015 it was to become a new sports arena with a beautiful promenade nearby, but the things never happened. We came up with an idea of creating the Arena Odesa logo as a symbol of struggle against unfinished projects. And also to pay attention to the project which fits into our new city concept.
Arena Odesa
view of the arena in Odesa
All crazy deeds begin with a dream.
Perhaps this dream is unreal. But you need to know. We see Odesa City as the leader of the Black Sea region. And it can become one.
I want a subway in Odesa!
We want to stir up people's minds
We want to shake up people's minds
And to make it clear, what prospects Odesa is missing to everyone from potential investors to the government. We have no possibilities to bring this idea to life. But we want you to think about what our city is capable of. And even better — to start acting!
Who cares, the subway won’t be built anyway.
Who cares, the subway won’t be built anyway.
Who cares, the subway won’t be built anyway.
If you close the site, so will be it. But you can tell everyone that you want it to be built.
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